A Dragon in the Hut game box with cards

in the Hut

An action-packed, portable, and easy-to-learn card game with a pinch of strategy, a splash of rivalry, and two drops of bluff.

And dragons, obviously.

Dragon in the Hut
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How it works

Players take turns drawing cards, trying to find dragon eggs in the forest and build a hut as a safe and warm place for their scaled companions to be born and raised.

Take an egg, put it in a hut, and keep it safe until it hatches to get a shiny new dragon.

The first player to hatch three or more dragons wins.

Watch your back!

Other players will hinder you by any means, stealing cards from your hand, forcing you to discard them, and even trying to steal or break the dragon eggs from your huts before they hatch.

What will
your strategy be?

Will you keep dragon eggs in hand and set traps in your huts as a deterrent against thieves and intruders?

Will you keep a low profile and collect cards as you wait for the right moment to strike, while your opponents fight each other and empty their hands?

Or will you choose to play offense?

Fast & Fun!

The game can be explained to new players in less than 10 minutes.

Get started by reading the game manual, or watching the introduction or playthrough videos (soon online on our YouTube channel).

Action packed

Literally. Actions are over 50% of the cards you’ll draw.

Deck composition and game rules have been carefully tested and balanced for a fast-paced game experience with any number of players.

Simply for everyone

No in-game text.
All game mechanics are 100% language independent.

Printed English rule book included, translations available.

Our sustainability commitment

Our printing and fulfillment partners share our commitment to sustainability.


Our game will be ecologically produced in Europe.

Solar Energy
Powered Production

Topnotch printing and packaging machinery powered by the greenest choices in energy and process management.

100% eco friendly
papers and inks

FSC certified papers and food-grade inks from the best European suppliers that are 100% recyclable.

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